A Day In My Oily Life

For my first post I wanted to give you a general idea of what oils we use everyday. I can’t go into full detail as to why, but trust me, they are game changers for our health and wellness! I will make tonight’s post MY use and then post throughout the week about my hubby, kids, and dog.

The first Young Living product I use in the morning is Thieves Aroma Bright toothpaste and Thieves Fresh Essence mouth wash followed by the Thieves Dental Floss. Then I usually use either lavender or frankincense on my face with some watch hazel. I use the Lavender or the Genesis hand lotion non. stop. throughout the day! They are the bomb! Depending on the morning and how stressful it is, I will diffuse Citrus Fresh or Stress Away. Both are amazing and really help the overall mood in the house! I take Life 5, Multigreens, Master Hers, Super B, and Super C throughout the day as my supplement routine and I notice a BIG different when I forget them! Sulferzyme has probably been one of my most valued products because it has really changed my life and how I function on a daily basis! Deep Relief has become a favorite for both my hubby and I for soothing our sore muscles and releasing tension. You will find Thieves hand soap throughout our whole house and it’s the only soap we use! When I do laundry I make the recipe from Chemical Free Home and add Lavender to it which is a very relaxing scent to have while doing laundry! When cooking or cleaning up spills Thieves Household Cleaner is a FAVORITE for everyone! My kids have their own cleaning bottles of it and they find every excuse to clean something! It leaves the house smelling fantastic and my babies aren’t being exposed to harmful chemicals! Half way through the day I drink my Ningxia Red and rub En R Gee in my adrenals for that 3pm slump. It really gets me through the afternoon since my kids hate napping! At night I use Progessence and Endoflex for hormonal and thyroid support. They have been crucial in maintaining my overall well being and I wish I had them earlier in my mothering years! I also use the bar soaps on my face at night for washing my face and then I put purification or thieves on any imperfections. I finish off my beauty routine with the oral hygiene products again and put on the lavender lip balm to keep my lips nice and moist at night! In the diffuser goes lavender and cedarwood to encourage a restful night sleep for all the little ones that end up in my room!

I am sure I am forgetting SOMETHING because we use so many of the products and they have become a part of our life so it is just second nature! We really do love these products and everything they have done for our family! Thank you for taking the time to read about my oily routine!


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