Men Love Oils Too!

I posted last time about MY use of Essential Oils but now I want to talk about my hubby! When I first introduced them to him he called them my Snake Oils. After using another brand and not seeing any results he was pretty convinced that Essential Oils were hogwash! He is a very skeptical person in general and really researches things before jumping in. And I mean everything! After doing his own digging he started to think that *maybe* there was some validity behind what I was telling him so he gave it a shot. The first oil he used was Thieves for immune support. He was hesitantly happy to see that it *seemed* to work pretty well at helping to boost his immune system during a rough winter so he started experimenting with some of the others. What I love is that from the start he would just get my big ol book, look up what he wanted, and use what we had! After a few months he was hooked! His daily routine looks like this…

He loves the Thieves oral hygiene products as much as I do and uses the toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss every morning. He then uses a facial toner I made him since his face didn’t get the memo he is a 32 year old man and not a 16 year old boy. It consists of witch hazel, lavender and frankincense. In the shower he uses the Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner and the Valor Bar soap. I want to note that the only reason I don’t use the shampoo and conditioner is because I am allergic to coconut so I can’t use many of the wonderful products due to my severe allergy! When he gets out of the shower he likes to put some purification directly on any imperfections he has on his face. He takes the Master His, Life 5, Multigreens, and Super C vitamins everyday as well as a shot of Ningxia Red with a drop of Ocotea in it. In his work back pack you will find Clarity, Brain Power, Ningxia Nitro, Stress Away and Deep Relief which are his personal favorites. When he gets home he likes to rub Valor, Ortho Ease, or PanAway on his hands after a long day of computer programming. Before bed he uses the oral hygiene products again, more facial toner and diffuses cedarwood and lavender for a restful night sleep. One of his favorite Young Living kits is the Raindrop collection and he asks me often to give him one if he is feeling a bit drained. They have completely changed the way he manages his health and overall well-being, and it has been really neat to see him take charge of his own health! He loves finding new oils and products to stay healthy and active!

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