Growing Up Oily

As promised my kids “oily routine”.  When we started our Young Living journey a few years ago I had no idea how it would change my kids lives as well. They absolutely love their oils and supplements and you better believe they remind ME if I forget!

Our day starts out with them literally lining up to take their supplements. They take the Mightyvites and Mightyzymes in the morning as well as the Super C. Then it’s to the bathroom to use our Kidscents toothpaste which my kids absolutely love the taste of and getting a raving review from their dentist! His last quote to me was, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because it seems to be working!” We get some Geneyus diffusing to help them focus during school and they have a “shot” of Ningxia Red. I have to ration the Ningxia Red or they will drink it all in one day…seriously! Throughout the day oils like Thieves, Peppermint, Lavender, Valor, Snifflease, Tummygize, Owie, and Bite Buster are used freely and frequently! My 2 year old especially loves her oils and if she sees me using any on myself she wants them used on her too! I love that they see the benefits and FEEL the benefits at such a young age. After school when we do our outdoor activities we use my homemade sunscreen that uses Carrot Seed Oil, Myrrh, Helichrysum, and Lavender oils. If we go out to run errands we use the Hand Sanitizer like it’s going out of style and it is hands down my favorite sanitizer EVER! If we need to spray down a toilet seat, hand rails, chair, table, etc we use the Thieves Spray which is wonderful to keep in your purse or diaper bag. The Thieves wipes are great if you don’t have any paper towels to wipe down the surface using the Thieves Spray. In the bath we use the Kidscents Shampoo and Body Wash which I LOVE that it is safe for my babies with no warnings on it like other bath products for kids. Before bed we like to use some Tummygize to help support their digestion while they sleep, Sleepyize on their feet to promote a restful night sleep, and diffuse some Immune Boosting oils to keep their immune systems strong. If they seem to need some extra support we give them each 1/4 of an ImmuPro tablet and it does the trick nicely! My oldest gets Cypress on his belly, Valor and Melrose on his feet, and some Peace and Calming on his chest. Finishing it off with another brushing with our Kidscents toothpaste and off to bed they go!

So there you have it! There are so many great products to use with your little kids, as a mom I love that I don’t have to use chemicals and toxins on my kids! I know you will love all the benefits too!

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